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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  December 17, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PST

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that way you'd have three brians. >> brian. >> he recommended bernie. >> that's cute. >> what do you think? >> write us, and if we choose your name, i'll send you a book. >> there you go. >> good idea. bill: the fears of isis in america growing. on capitol hill a hearing about to get under way look at beefing up the vetting process for the millions coming into our country. we have reports that 100,000 refugees out of syria are already here. martha: good morning. here's the story. the f.b.i. is investigating hundreds of potential terror suspects in all 50 states. now you have homeland security secretary jeh johnson saying we have to be careful of isis
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operatives using the program to sneak their way into the country. >> we have to be concerned about the possibility a terrorist organization would exploit the process. bill: is the administration changing as we speak? >> no, i don't think they are change. they are trying to solve a political problem. you had from the president rhetoric a week ago suggesting anybody who raised the questions jeh johnson just raised was somehow quee zone xenophobic or. bill: what about the 100,000 refugees already here.ame beforf
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is around full-blown today. >> i would argue they came before we recognized the threat of isis is what it is. but the threat of isis is significant. you have had this threat ongoing from al qaeda and its affiliates long before we have seen isis become dominant as a terror organization at least in the media depiction. the problem existed before. and i would argue the administration fought internal government efforts to address it. we heard from dhs whistle blowers saying they were trying to address it and they were shut down immediately. bill: the administration saying it's impossible to vet all of them. two arrested in a refugee camp
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in sal always salzburg, austria. >> they are looking to infiltrate and conduct attacks here. they are looking to infiltrate the united states and looking to send people in to do us harm. we have to be vigilant about it. bill: the sound bite we heard from jeh johnson recognizes it, too. martha: president obama continuing the national security tour this morning. he gets ready to head to the national counter-terrorism center to sit down with his national security advisors. presidential candidate carly fiorina saying we need a return of the top brass that led the fight in iraq and afghanistan but left during the obama
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administration. >> one of the things i would immediately do is bring back the warrior class, petraeus, mcchrystal, keane. every one of them was retired early because they told president obama things he didn't want to hear. >> we'll talk about lieutenant colonel michael flynn moment from now. bill: rolling into phoenix, arizona in his private jet. some calling that plane trump force one. some calling the campaign for than just a run at the white house. >> everywhere i go we have crowd
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like this. this isn't like let's go and have a good time. people say trump is a good entertainer. that's a lot of [bleep], i'll tell you. we have a message and the message is we don't want to let other people take advantage of us. look at you in the middle of the day, you are sitting in a hangar with thousands and thousands of people? something is going on and it's beautiful to see. bill: trump riding high after a debate performance despite the mounting criticism. bill o'reilly weighing in on trump's candidates i and said this. bill: trump understands the anger sweeping america and he's tapping into that anger. he's not concerned so much with policy, he's running opening emotion. if you take what he says
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literally he can be a frightening guy. i see' of his statement as over thetop rhetoric designed to get him votes. bill: what eric trump recently told his father and how his father reacted. martha: lots of good stuff coming up. we want to get to this breaking news. enrique marquez who was the neighbor and friend to the san bernardino killers. the report are he will be arrested. the story goes that he was the person who plied them with the weapons. there are a lot of conflicting reports and wet were he was radicalized himself. but we understand he has been a major source of information. there have been a lot of reports he has been speaking freely about what he knew and we are getting reports he will be
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arrested sometime today. baltimore is calm this morning after scattered but peaceful proper tests where officers scrambled to keep order. this after a hung jury in the first trial in the freddie gray trial. the mayor says everyone has to have respect for this process. >> this our american system of justice. 12 baltimore city resident answered the phone call to serve. they listened to the evidence presented and rendered a decision. martha: peter doocy is live in baltimore. reporter: there was a crowd
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outside baltimore city hall. but then there was a crowd where the rioting was the worse the day freddie gray was buried. everyone there kept calm chanting and praying where rioting destroyed so much in the spring. there were on two arrests related to the dem strayings. the reply believed if violence and property damage could be avoided when the first outcome of the first officer's trial was announced, it could said the tone for the next five announcements. >> what about officer porter, did he respond to this finding by the jury? reporter: officer porter said it's not over yet. later on today there will be a meeting, the judge will sit down with porter's defense team and
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prosecutors to talk about the timing of a possible retrial. and typing is important. reports are they want to use officer porter as a witness to testify against the officer driving the van. but he can't be compelled to talk if this own trial is unrevolved. so do they go in order or do they lose an important witness by retrying him last? very important meeting later today. bill: we are learning hillary clinton is not only one in the government who used private email for government business. defense secretary ash carter says he did the same thing. martha: he might be right-leaning in politic, but he took a left hook to the face. spain's. he got cracked in the cheek. a horrible video during a campaign stop. bill report mess ands sent
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between terrorists in california were not as public as we first thought. what can the feds do to track down the private conversations before a terror plot is carried out. here is the f.b.i. director james comey. >> to anybody wherever you are -- come or kill, come or kill. and the message went out in a way that al qaeda never managed and never could have dreamed of. anncr: when the attacks come here... ...the person behind this desk will have to protect your family. will he be impulsive and reckless, like donald trump? will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz?
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will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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this is the pursuit of perfection. martha: there are new developments on travel to cuba where airlines can fly back and forth to cuba. this has been part of the opening up of economic relationships after many years after boycott. however, tourist travel is still not allowed. it will have to go under a cultural visa. but now you can have an accessible way to get back and forth. bill: the screening process of foreign nationals coming into america. that includes the examining of social media. the f.b.i. director says the
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california killers did not post mess averages on facebook and social media, that they communicated by way of private message. first, listen to james comey, the f.b.i. director from yesterday. >> this is not public posting. this is private messages back and forth like any of us emailing a friends or family member. the government is only intercepting that with probable cause or a court order. >> it's central that private i.t. companies have to cooperate with the government and find a way -- private messaging is one thing and all so be encrypted out. it's essential the government be allowed to go in and observe those messages. right now you have a situation
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where we know one terrorist is communicating with another but there is no way of finding out what they are doing because they are using an encrypted app. i finds it disillusioning that people in the private sector who refuels to do it because they want to sell encrypted apps, and they are afraid if there is any back door the private individuals or companies won't want to buy them. bill: what is going to get them to change? >> unfortunately i think it will be a 9/11-type disaster. the president to sit down with them. and if that doesn't work. congress should pass legislation. i can't believe. the private sector was not allowing us to get access to
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that. to me that would be disgraceful. it's important for the president to come on as strong as he can. to use the power of the oval office. >> this is a big companies in silicon valley. this came up the other night. carly fiorina talked about it at great length. and so did ohio governor john kasich. >> we need to penetrate these people when they are involved in these plots and plans and give the local authorities the ability to penetrate the disrupt. that's what we need to do. encryption is a major problem and congress has to deal with it and so does the president to keep us safe. bill: isis would contact someone on twitter through direct message.
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but then they move, and they move to a mobile app that is encrypted and we cannot see that message. that's just one way. do i have it right? >> you have it perfectly right, bill. what bothers me is the indifference the companies are showing. the president was talking about it for a while and he dropped it. i think director comey is a hero. the administration should be standing there with them and the leaders of congress also. you and i could be talking about this several months from now saying why didn't we know. how come we didn't finds out? and it will be because of an encrypted app. it's a disaster waiting to happen. i.c.e. and al qaeda are coming at us all the time. bill: this was hotly debated tuesday night.
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the rand pauls and the ted cruz were arguing you can't look at all this stuff, it's a violation of the fourth amendment. >> i disagree. the constitution requires you to get a court order to have a warrant and you would get that. the f.b.i., the justice department or local authorities would be asking for a court order so they could penetrate the encrypted app. rand paul has his own view ofs. he's not qualified to be president. privacy is his god. privacy, there is no absolute right in the constitution. the fourth amendment protects you against unreasonable search and seizure. bill: he talked about court orders as well in this ongoing debate. >> the f.b.i. would not be penetrating without the court
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order and the nsa could not be listening to anyone's conversation without a court order. i'm looking forward to general flynn. bill: he's coming up in 11 minutes. martha: the fed raised interest rates for the first time in nine years. what it means for your wallet. for the economy, and the future of the country coming up. bill: a high-speed chase comes to a dramatic conclusion. why this deputy jumped into the cab of a moving truck. martha: donald trump having a little bit of fun with jimmy kimmel. >> his laboratory tests were excellent, his physical strength and stamina are extraordinary. i can state unhivably will be
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bill: video of a young man attacking the spanish prime minister, striking him square in if the face. the prime minister later reappeared at that event. a little worse for the wear. nursing a bruised face. the attacker 17 years old. martha: the federal reserve announcing yesterday they will raise interest rates. they haven't done that in nearly a decade. so the fed hikes the prime rate up a quarter point yesterday. signaling they will gradually hope they can increase that
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number as the economy hopefully improves over the course of the rest of 2013. let's bring in melissa francis. they had to do it eventually, right? >> some people wonder if they waited too long. but you want to tell people out there what it means for them. for them this is all sort of noise. it means you will see rates on your credit card and mort gaining go up slightly. this is the rate your lender is getting from the federal reserve. it means we are in an environment where things will tick up just a little bit. or if you are saving. that's the good news, too. martha: in terms of the outlook for the economy, does this mean the economy is turning around or are they hoping it is? >> janet yellen tried to put on
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a brave face. they says this expresses our confidence in the economy. but if you look at the pace at which they will raise rate, it's slower than expected. they indicated down the road they made the 4 quarter point raises. back in the volcker days he raised it a whole point at a time. but when you drill down on it, they admitted wages are lower than they were when this whole thing started. if they are injust for inflation. we are not seeing a lot of inflation which sound good to people. but it means we are not getting a lot of steam, a lot of traction in the economy. martha: when you look at inflation you don't see prices rising on cars or houses and that has just been so stagnant. do you expect we'll tart to see movement in that stuff? >> she says she expects it. i don't know if i expect it.
6:27 am
we have seen it in some grocery items. i have heard people yelling about meat going up, and that's because of scarcity in those product and water problems. martha: thank you very much. merry christmas. bill: ash carter pulling a hillary clinton admitting he used a private email for government business. president obama meeting today with his national security team once again on the threat of isis. we'll ask lieutenant general michael flynn what the president should hear from his team. >> he's not going to get a rosie picture from the counter-terrorism center today. he's going to get a pretty dire picture and it won't be one of an organization in terms of the islamic state that's set back or
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bill: we are learning defense secretary ash carter used a personal email address for his work. it's a violation of department rules. he says the secretary believes his previous occasional use of personal email for work-related business even for routine administrative issues and backed up to his official account was a mistake. that from peter cook at the pentagon. the revelation comes amidst revelations about hillary clinton's extensive use of a private email. the concern is about a potential hack. that's a major concern. martha: president obama is heading to the counter-terrorism center after meeting with the pentagon earlier this week.
6:32 am
the administration is trying to get tougher on isis. lieutenant general flynn has been very outspoken about isis and the threat they posed in 2012. good to have you with us. what do you make of this public push and stronger voice the president has against isis? >> to be very honest with you, i think it's about time the coach figured out he has a national security team with his recent visit to the pentagon and the national counter-terrorism center. he's not going to get a rosie picture from the counter-terrorism center today. he will get a dire picture and eight won't be one of an organization in terms of the islamic state that setback or j.v. team. i think the national counter-terrorism center has been very, very consistent to
6:33 am
the threat we are facing from al qaeda, the islamic state and radical islamists. martha: why would the president be surprised by anything he hears? >> he should not be surprised. unless he's not paying attention. even what he sees, but also what he should be seeing every day from his intelligence community leaders in something called the presidential daily read book. i have been privileged to be able to read that particular document, and for the last few years, i'll tell you there is not a lot of good news in that. i think the president is finally coming to the realization this problem is not just isolated in a place called raqqa, syria, it's happening right here at home. not just what happened the tragedy of san bernardino, martha, but you have seen the recent hoaxes in los angeles, i
6:34 am
think there is one going on today in multiple cities certainly down in texas. so, i mean, this is a problem. and it's not a problem that will go away with some speeches. >> i want to get into that more. but first i want to show you something carly fiorina said. she mentioned you and other generals tuesday night. here is what she said. >> one of the things i would immediately do is bring back the warrior place, petraeus, mccrystal, keane, flynn. every single one of these generals i know. every one of these were retired early because they told president obama things he did not want to hear. martha: what did the president not want to hear. >> i was honored carly mentioned my name in that group of true national heroes. i think he didn't want to hear something, you know, this sort
6:35 am
of drum beat that this islamic radicalism is on the rise in a very, very big way, and they are glowing areas around the world and we have seen all the various attacks that we have seen in europe, certainly in the united states. so like i have said before, martha, it didn't meet a narrative that the president wanted to continue to say to the american public. i think that's a real tragedy. i think at the end of the day what we are talking about is we have some of us, i include myself in there. the president, i heard him say, these people keep talking about all these things. and i think all of those names that carly mentioned, if the white house were who call us up and say we would like to you come in and speak to us about what do you think that we ought to be doing, not just in the pentagon, in all sorts of
6:36 am
activities, beyond just military, and military and diplomatic and this fight we are having in the world of social media and countering the narrative coming out of the islamic state. we are all, and there are others who are serious about our national security. and it doesn't have anything to do with who's in the white house. it has to do with who's in our country. our country is under assault right now. i heard somebody talk about this business about declaring war. the islamic state declared war against us. they are very serious and intent on defeating us. take us on and shutting down our ability to be able to have the kind of country that we have. this is not about, you know, one party other other, martha, this isn't about who's in office. this is about our country and our country going forward. i would love to see the president come out and actually say i was hoping that he did it
6:37 am
during this oval office speech which he did not. i would love to hear him say we made -- we made a mistake. our strategy isn't working, and we have made a big decision to make some changes and we are going to -- i'm going to come back to the american public and give an entirely new strategy i want to handoff to the next president to give them a stronger foundation. i would cheer for the president and i think a lot of people would cheer for the president, and frankly the president has not been able to do that. i think either him personally or the advisers around him telling him stay the course, and we'll get threw the rest of your presidency. martha: i want to ask you about him. the reports are that there is a scandal that will be revealed over time that the intelligence reports you worked on and others sent up to the president, people then turned to them, turned to
6:38 am
you and turned to our intelligence people and said you have got to into the down, we don't want to hear this line of thinking about this huge spread of islammic radicalism around the world. that's a big part of the under lining story if we do get this i made a mistake from the president. >> you are right. here's what i know. the american people want to trust their government. scandals, when we have these uncertainties between the american public and our government and trust is lost. i think that's what we are seeing happening in our country and has been happening in our country the last several years. that's why there is this under current within our country of people who are sick and tired of the nonsense that comes out of the government. this intelligence issue on the table today i think you are right. there will be more that will come out and history is going to
6:39 am
not be kinds to those who potentially were involved in this. but like i said before, intelligence starts at the very top. the president sets the priorities and he focuses the resources on where things need to be. i'll tell you we are in a tough spot right now. martha: i talked earlier with lieutenant general michael flynn. he says the president is going to get an earful from the counter terrorism officials when he meets with them at 11:20 this morning. steve hayes has written a lot about it. who directed those intelligence officers to tone it down when it came to isis. this is a big story. >> winners aren't loser by donald trump. a lowers is a lowers, which one will you be.
6:40 am
winners do deals and winners get rich while sad little losers just sit there and pitch. bill: donald trump having fun with kimmel reading that mock children's book. tom brady, "star wars" and he got to keep the book for a souvenir. he was kimmel's only book for the night. martha: it's hilarious. donald trump jump's in and finishes the ends of the story. here's what's coming up. a police deputy and a daring rescue leaping out. look at this. it jumps out at the cruiser it's like a movie. critics slamming trump. that's just the republicans. we'll ask his son eric about the
6:41 am
criticism and what he told his father about the race for the white house. first o'reilly and trump. >> you don't think you are too thin skinned, you will have to overlook some of this stuff if you become president. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me?
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martha: some amazing video pictured a sheriff's deputy leaping stone it kaive a runaway tractor-trailer. a 12-mile chase. it comes to a dramatic end when the sergeant jumps out of his cruiser and into the moving truck. the truck driver had a diabetic attack. he saved his life. and how many other people going down the road if that semi had
6:45 am
gone over would have been hurt. >> you are too thin skinned. i don't mind bad things about me. but when people say untrue things i don't like it. bill: but you want to be president. tweet about putin and isis. it looks petty. >> i do that, too, bill. bill: don't you think it looks petty? >> no, i do that, too. if people go after me, look, like jeb bush went after me. i didn't start it with jeb bush. he comes out of nowhere. bill: o'reilly and trump going at it. that interview happened just before this. a crowd much thousands greeting trump in phoenix. i talked to his son eric about this. the comment about being too thin skinned.
6:46 am
is there truth in that? >> i think my father has taken more incoming than anybody in this election cycle. he's one of the toughest people. he is tough as nails. he, rock solid. he has a lot of people coming after him and he's willing to stick up for himself. bill: the bigger point is he doesn't need the tweets. it's not necessary. he already has the stage. >> he's a counter puncher. if somebody comes after him he hits back. that's part of his personality, he's willing to hit back. you see some of the people you have on that stage, some of those people have never hit back. bill: jeb bush took a shot and did hit back with this comment. >> donald, you know, is great at the one-liners. but he's a chaos candidate, and he would be a chaos president.
6:47 am
bill: that is a memorable line. on jimmy kimmel your father said he has been a little divisive and ultimately everyone has to come together. is that a signal for a change in his tone and campaign. >> you look at that quote. who is the most dangerous person in the world it many the person that's drowning. you are on the 10 yard line and you are down by 4 points you try to throw hail maries. i think my parter did an incredible line. you are about to fall off the stage, jeb. if somebody hits hip he's willing to hit back and i think that's an amazing thing. bill: in arizona, you had 15,000 people in an airport hangar.
6:48 am
usually you don't get crowds like this until september and october prior to the vote. >> yesterday you point out it was wednesday noon in an airport hangar that's totally full. i see wherever we go. there is a movement. i was walking down here this morning, people were coming to me on the street. tell your father to go all the way. he many the first person who says what he's thinking. my father used the word movement before. he inspired a generation and created more excitement around politics than anybody. bill: i can see sarasota and phoenix, those are hot beds of conservative support. or do you find it in other places that would not be considered in that same category. >> i can't tell you the score. i walk by a building and a
6:49 am
doorman will come out tell your father our entire building is voting for him. it crosses party lines. oftentimes union workers or blue collar people are coming out saying we want to vote for you. you are all-american, you are a patriot. there is a piece in "the washington post," fascinating interview. the headline is "i will never leave this race." the other need he said he won't leave the republican party. >> he's a winner. he's never going to leave the race. he will win. he will do anything he needs to do to win. that's who he is as a businessman. he's going to do this. i looked hip in the eyes and said you are going to win this thing, and he believes it, i believe it, we have the support behind us, the polls are showing it.
6:50 am
bill: when you said that to your father what did he say? >> he didn't blink. i believe he believes it himself. you see him up there, nine candidate, he's right in the middle. he has been a politician for five months and he's winning the presidency of the united states. i'm very proud of him. martha: did the police bungle the arrest of a paris tear roar suspect because of -- paris terror suspect because of bureaucrat ic red tape? bill: carly fiorina says she has been called every name in the book and she is hitting back after a ted cruz supporter struck out. >out..
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bill: all three major theme parks in orlando have just announced they will install metal detectors at the front of each attraction before you get admittance. don't know when it will begin or how long it will stick around. if the trend across america is any indication they will be installed and stay there likely forever. martha: austrian police arrest two people they think have ties to the paris terror attack. bureaucratic red tape may have aloud one of the attackers who
6:55 am
is europe's most wanted a man pictured on the left, to slip through the fingers of police after he escaped. a belgium officer said they might have nabbed him but due to an old law that restricts the time of day police can carry out a raid. >> before the paris attacks and after. this one must be the worst. two days after the paris attack, while a massive manhunt was under way. belgium's secret service received a tipoff he was hiding in a muslim district of brussels. despite being the most wanted man in europe and despite the country being in lockdown the country's police couldn't move. the mean code states the raid cannot take place between
6:56 am
9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. unless a crime is being committed. belgium police are trying to downplay the report saying the intelligence was inaccurate. but they were held back by this bureaucrat ignite mayor. benjamin, thank you very much. bill: senators ted cruz and marco rubio going after each other. you will hear that exchange. does ted cruz rule out legalizing people in this country illegally now? >> i never supported legalization and i do not intend to support legalization.
6:57 am
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as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you? because, today, we are still helping progress makers turn their ideas into reality. and the next great idea could be yours. martha: new email scandal plaguing the obama administration. this time is involves the
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secretary of defense ash carter. revelations that carter turns out used his personal email to conduct official business. welcome, everybody, more coming up on that. we're on "america's newsroom." hour two. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. that is mrs. claus on santa claus. he used his job even after taking the job in february when hillary clinton was under fire doing exact same thing. here is secretary carter talking about this today on cbs this morning. >> what i did, i shouldn't have been doing until a few months ago, was occasionally use my iphone to send administrative messages, no classified information and backed up as records but to my immediate staff. even that, i shouldn't have been doing. bill: chief washington correspondent james rosen on the story live in d.c. james what do you know about the email practice of the current defense secretary?
7:01 am
reporter: bill, good morning. the pentagon said this morning secretary carter is infrequent user of email. prefers to transact business in person or secure phone. he exchanged emails only with tight circle of staff. in that interview with cbs news in erbil, iraq, carter acknowledged that he was warned by lots of people along the way but he persisted in a is mistake. when "the new york times" broke the story the pent to dispel concerns of miss handing of classified information. peter cook, said of his boss, quote, any email received this personal account invitation to speak at event or administrative issue is copied for forwarded to his official account so it can be preserved as federal record as appropriate. secretary carter does not use his personal email or official email for classified material. the secretary has a secure communications team that handles his classified information and provides it to him as necessary. memoranda are provided to him in
7:02 am
hard copy. he takes his responsibilities with regard to classified material, quote, very seriously. however that statement leaves unanswered question whether carter's emails are copied or forwarded to official account automatically or by an individual or how diligent that individual has been. bill: meanwhile hillary clinton is under investigation still, right? we don't know what that conclusion is. how does this disclosure affect that if at all, jails? >> carter himself is telling cbs news this morning the controversy over the former secretary state exclusive use of email as a cabinet officer, presents, carter put it more reason why i should have been eshooing the practice. fbi director james comey reported to esconsed the bureau's on going investigation into clinton's email practice into executive offices of fbi, as opposed to allow it being directed by washington field office to allay concerns about potential political interference. that probe is expanded in recent weeks with ultimate decision of bringing any chars to be left
7:03 am
with the attorney general. bill: james rosen, thanks in washington on that. ♪ martha: back with one of the more memorable moments of tuesday night's gop debate the exchange between senators ted cruz and marco rubio about immigration reform. cruz says he has never supported amnesty for illegal immigrant. but back in 2013 when the senate was working on the "gang of eight" immigration bill, cruz introduced an amendment that removed a path to citizenship but still allowed permanent legal status in some cases. bret baier confronted cruz about this last night on "special report." >> you said, if this amendment were to pass the chances of this bill passing into law would increase dramatically. a few weeks later during a debate on senate floor cruz repeated his beliefs this amendment is the compromise that can pass. and you repeated later in princeton that if my amendment were adopted this bill would pass. it sounded like you wanted the bill to pass.
7:04 am
>> bret, of course i wanted the bill to pass. my amendment to pass. what my amendment did -- >> you said the bill. >> take citizenship off the table but it doesn't mean, what it doesn't mean that supported the other aspects of bill which was a terrible bill. martha: hmmm. bret baier, anchor of "special report" here on the fox news channel. bret, good morning to you. >> good morning to martha. martha: not often you see ted cruz hesitate or stammer a bit in any of his answers. he extremely good debater and discusser of facts and policies. what do you make about his responses to you last night? >> i'm a little bit surprised because i think the senator could have seen it coming after making declarative statement tuesday night in the debate and saying that he had never supported any form of legalization. and of course back in 2013 in numerous interviews on the senate floor in advocates for his amendment, that would have
7:05 am
strip ad pathway to citizenship, ted cruz then said, you need this to have a, take the 11 million illegal immigrants in the u.s., take them out of the shadows, give them permanent legal status. martha: we have that, bret. let me play that for everybody at home so they can hear it for themselves. here is comes. >> the objective is to pass common sense immigration reform, that scurs the borders, that improves legal immigration and allow those here illegally to come in out of the shadows. then we should look for areas of bipartisan agreement. martha: seems pretty clear, bret. >> yeah. you know, listen, his supporters, his campaign is saying that this was an amendment designed to kill the bill, poison pill if you will. that that's what he was really trying to do. now that's fine but it is the statements of 2013, and numerous interviews that he gave where he said declaratively that was not his intent.
7:06 am
he told that to byron york of the "washington examiner." texas tribune put up audio of summer 2013 on their website where you can hear the senator say, my objective was not to kill immigration reform but to amend the gang ever eight bill that is solves the problem rather than making problem worse. i said from the beginning i believe in compromise to the texas tribune. ronald reagan said what you do, offer half a loaf, answer, you take it and come back for more. 2013 ted cruz was saying one thing. 2015 ted cruz is saying another. i simply confronted with 2013 ted cruz which one voters are supposed to believe. >> the all of this obviously, the context for all of this is the hot immigration debate a couple of months ago really brought donald trump to the forefront of this election process, at least as far as we've got to it now. you've got marco rubio and
7:07 am
you've got ted cruz, two very similar resume'ed candidates in this race who are essentially, we saw the other night, bret, trying to get to the right of each other on this issue. >> listen, martha, let's not fail to point out marco rubio has a problem in the gop primary. his stance supportings a pathway to citizenship is not popular. and he concedes that. may have made a strategic blunder if he was trying to get the nomination when he championed the "gang of eight" bill. there is no doubt about that. his previous, when he ran for the senate he said one thing. then he really pushed this bill. but rubio concedes that's the case. what cruz has not done, listen, this was a tactical move. i said some things that weren't actually where i was and now i am where i am. i was surprised by some of his answers last night. martha: that's the difference here in terms of coming clean on it at least at this point. we'll see where they go from here. bret, thank you so much. >> thank you, martha. martha: you bet.
7:08 am
bill: here is fox news alert. live look at floor of the house. they are getting ready to vote on $2 trillion worth of legislation. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is counting all the pennies live up there on the hill. good morning to you. washup first in the house today? lay this out? reporter: bill, first up is a tax break package which is the house is due to vote on in procedural vote this hour. it would extend some two dozen or so tax breaks, make them permanent. it is a $650 billion package. it will also delay three obamacare related taxes cadillac, medical device tax and insurance sales tax. house speaker calls this an important deal. >> this is one of the biggest steps toward rewrite of our tax code that we've made in many years. it will help us start a pro-growth bold tax reform agenda in 2016. reporter: bottom line the house will vote today on tax break package. tomorrow they vote on government funding package.
7:09 am
more than a trillion dollars. assuming both pass the house between today and tomorrow. you will see the senate vote on both packages. likely lawmakers are done for christmas bill. bill: wow. thank you, mike emanuel. herly christmas there -- merry christmas there. martha: carly fiorina in tuesday night debate talking about struggles in business. >> i have been tested. i have beaten breast cancer. i have buried a child. i fought my way to top of corporate america being called every "b" word in the book. martha: fiorina forced to defend that statement, when one critic used interesting language. her response coming up. bill: hillary clinton had top secret emails on her private server. former director of the defense intelligence agency, dia, on what it means if the emails get into the wrong hands. >> i mean she must be accountable. i mean she's trying to become the president of the united states.
7:10 am
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on location with the famous,
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big idaho potato truck. our truck? it's touring across america telling people about idaho potatoes. farmer: let's go boy. again this year the big idaho potato truck is traveling the country spreading the word about heart healthy idaho potatoes and making donations to local charities. excuse me miss, have you seen our truck? you just missed it. ahhh! aw man are you kiddin' me? bill: there is movement on the california killers in san bernardino. we can report this. fox news confirms that arrest expected in that case. enrique marquez, said to be a friend of the california killers worked at a bar about a mile or two away. set one reported to have acquired at least two of the guns used in the killings. there's a question as to whether or not he has told authorities that the killers were
7:14 am
sympathetic to isis and radical islamic cause. so expect that arrest today. we're watching it for you here in "america's newsroom." ♪ martha: carly fiorina calling out her detractors for derogatory remarks against her as a woman. she was forced to answer one of ted cruds's supporters in iowa tweeted wow. fiorina goes full vagina right away. that is what he said. here is how she responded with meagan kelly. >> i was called the "b" word. now i'm called the "v" word. i told my story just like any other candidate told their story. it is inexplicable to why this major surrogate of ted cruz thought that was playing the v card. the more important this, this gentleman is more than radiotal. he is a major surrogate for ted cruz. he is major endorser.
7:15 am
this is why ted cruz can not possibly beat hillary clinton. martha: doug schoen, former visor for hillary clinton. monica crowley, opinion editor for "washington times." good to see you both. want to back up a minute. remind you opening of debate. everybody had a minute to sort of do their opening statement and announce who they are and during that carly fiorina talked about the fact that she had buried a child. she talked about the fact that she had breast cancer. that she was a secretary. now that is what prompted that tweet too come out from, from steve deese. saying that she went full v, that is not a bad word, folks. perhaps may it was used was inappropriate. what do you think, monica? >> anatomically correct but vulgar and inappropriate. martha: why? >> and wrong. that is what we should focus wrong. it's a wrong attack against carly fiorina for two reasons. number one, every political
7:16 am
candidate invoke as hard scrabble or emotional backstory to explain to voters who they are, where they come from and what they will do as president. that is not limited to men or women or republicans and democrats. everybody does that. but the bigger point here i think is that, you know, she is trying to establish herself as the best person to take on hillary clinton, who is playing the gender card all over the place. what carly is trying to say look, whether it is me or whether it is one of the men on the stage we better figure out a way to handle hillary clinton and her use of the gender card if we're going to have any hope of success. martha: doug, what do you think? >> i think what carly fiorina did to try to tie mr. deese clearly inappropriate and rude, i agree with you vulgar assertion to ted cruz makes very, very little sense. indeed the larger message that i draw from this is these kind of exchanges only help hillary
7:17 am
clinton because they show a republican field divided, attacking each other on at berserks train just issues. candidly there are lots of issues to raise about hillary clinton. i say that as supporter of hillary clinton. as democrat i'm pleased republicans do stuff that is as silly and counterproductive as this. martha: carly fiorina obviously has a remarkable personal story. i wondered when she went down that road in the beginning if we, if it is time to start speaking a little bit more forward. maybe people still don't know that story. when you listen to all of their stories i feel like we heard them a hundred times because we've all heard them a hundred times but judging by the numbers perhaps there are still a lot of people learning these stories for the first time. is that okay or not? >> in fact most of the candidates except for hillary clinton who has been on the national scene 25 years, they're introducing themselves to the american people. in fact this morning i had a conversation here at fox before we came on the air, somebody
7:18 am
said to me, i was watching the debate, i didn't realize carly fiorina was a breast cancer survivor. i didn't realize she lost a child to addiction. people are just starting to tune in. we're emersed in this all the time. i don't begrudge carly telling her story. there is a very fine line here, sexism as a political matter is very complicated thing. nobody wants to see a woman, hillary or carly whining about the double-standard even though the double-standard is real. it does exist. if you're running for president you can't be complaining about it. martha: i wonder if it is not more powerful -- if hillary goes all the way to the gender card and sort of inspire people, don't you want to vote for the first female american president, stronger for one women in the republican race, it doesn't matter whether i'm a man or woman, it is my call qualifications i want you to look at the moist. >> carly fiorina, who probably won't be nominee but almost
7:19 am
certainly will have a role in the fall will have to define her position. there is position here. what do american people think about? poll after poll think about safety and security, fear quite legitimately of terror. revitalizing economy that is weak. monica, to the extent republicans are off on this stuff i can only tell you they're doing democrats bidding. martha: leave it there. monica, doug, always a pleasure. good to see you both. bill: 19 past now. new developments in the so-called "affluenza" drunk driving case. the teenage drunk driver convicted of killing four people disappeared along with his mother. so what's going on there? martha: a filmmaker create as mock petition to repeal the first amendment. freedom of speech around takes it to an ivy league campus. wait until you see this. >> so we're calling for is to repeal the first amendment. >> i think this is fantastic.
7:20 am
anncr: thank you. >> excellent.t >> thank you. thank you. will he have voted to dramatically weaken counter-terrorism surveillance, like ted cruz? will he have skipped crucial national security hearings and votes just to campaign, like marco rubio? 27 generals and admirals support jeb bush. because jeb has the experience and knowledge to protect your family. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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7:23 am
martha: dangerous game of cat-and-mouse playing out high over a michigan freeway after a suspect in a carjacking climbed up on to the overpass. look at this scene. he was running away from the police. at one point the suspect was on top of a highway sign. unbelievable. freeway was shut down for an hour, the police managed to grab him cutting a hole in the fence. the suspect is under psychological valuation. there are no charges filed yet. bill: authorities are now searching for ethan couch. he is the teenager convicted of killing four people in a drunk driving crash in the so-called "affluenza" case in 2013. police issued a warning after couch miss ad check-in with a
7:24 am
probation officer. casey stiegel live in dallas with the story. do investigators know where he is, casey? reporter: bill, this is bizarre one. the authorities say his mother is missing. they fear they left the country. local sheriff thinks this was planned for some time. attorneys for ethan couch said his juvenile probation officer has been unable to reach the teen for last couple days. they can not find him. the tarrant county sheriff's office is investigating a video which surfaced on line, a person who looks like couch at a party where alcohol was involved. they were playing beer pong. we're working to authenticate the video. if the images are legit, he would have been in direct violation of his probation. now we should also tell you that the property where ethan couch had been staying, a rental property here in north texas, appears to be abandoned and the landlord said he hasn't heard from them since august.
7:25 am
bill: so he was on probation right. that came from the deadly crash two years ago? reporter: exactly. he was sentenced to 10 years probation. no jail time if you remember. that caused quite a controversy when the sentence came down because of the defense. part of the defense. first of all couch, you may remember convicted of intoxication manslaughter for driving his pickup truck drunk, crashed and killed four innocent people who were on the side of the road changing a flat tire. a mental health expert argued that couch, who was 16 at the time had "affluenza." essentially a rich kid didn't know what he was doing was wrong because he came from wealth and his parents coddled him and didn't set boundaries. now, if ethan couch turns up and he is found to have violated his probation, he could be resentenced for up to 10 years in prison. and tarrant county sheriff's office is saying he would finally experience what quote, big boy jail is like. bill: casey stegall, thanks.
7:26 am
the mystery continues there in texas. martha. martha: right now top u.s. security officials are being grilled on capitol hill. lawmakers are looking into the vetting process after one of the san bernardino attackers made it through into this country undetected. congressman adam kinzinger joins us to weigh in. can america stop lone wolf attackers? bill: also investigators confirm top secret emails did pass through hillary clinton's personal email server despite denials. more of martha's interview today with general flynn and his take on that. >> if she can not be accountable for her actions, and you know, defaults to somebody else, on her team, i just find that unbelievable. and the kids always eat their vegetables. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch.
7:27 am
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. martha: back with this fox news alert now. a house committee holding a hearing that could change the way visitors to the united states are vetted. they're looking at screening
7:30 am
process with special focus on social media. this comes of course in the wake of the fbi revealing that the san bernardino terrorists used private messages, not public postings, to talk about jihad. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge live from our d.c. bureau on this. catherine, good morning to you and what are we learning about this so far? reporter: martha, good morning. a senior homeland security official just testified that last year 118 syrian nationals came to the u.s. and overstayed their visas. to this day more than a dozen investigations remain open. >> i can tell you that those were overstays having identified coming from syria. of that 118, 11 were administratively arrested. remain remainder were closed with the exception of 18 oversight investigations. reporter: oversight hear something focusing on vetting process for refugees and new intelligence that isis
7:31 am
attempting to enter the u.s. through the refugee program. republican chairman say tashfeen malik you see there passed three security checks. her name was run through terrorist database. her name was checked of known or suspected terrorist at state and homeland security to become a legal permanent resident. the homeland security official responsible for overall screening was in to see them recently and could not answer a single committee question. >> she couldn't tell me if more people come in by land, or by sea or air. she thinks most people come into the country by air. and she is in charge of screening. you can see why we're scared to death that this administration, the department of homeland security, the state department, is not protect the american people. reporter: senior homeland security official responded that that witness was prepared to discuss the visa waiver program but not other issues, martha. martha: might think they would have a broader grasp upon it. what are they saying?
7:32 am
homeland security people, state department witnesses what are they saying in their defense? reporter: this morning's hearing includes director of immigration and citizenship services. confirming that two of the three pilot programs on social media begun last year and now concluded and director rodriguez said social media has been used in limited case. >> any thought that the department of homeland security had simply foregone the use of social media for purposes of immigration screening is mistaken thought. we have not spoken bit in great detail, the fact more we speak about it, more that use it will cease to use it knowing we will be examining that content. reporter: we also learned this morning it is far easier to enter the u.s. on fiance visa as tashfeen malik did with her future husband and conspirator syed farook vouching for her.
7:33 am
official in charge said all refugee applicants are subject to interview in the united malio interview for the k-1 visa, martha. martha: makes no sense. thank you, catherine. reporter: you're welcome. bill: thousands ever americans don't think we can stop the lone wolf attack we saw in san bernardino. 77% are skeptical that the intelligence community can stop it before they act. illinois congressman, adam kinzinger, pilot in the illinois air national guard. good day to you. you were listening to catherine's report. what do you think about that? >> this is very serious issue. this is something we obviously have to take seriously in congress. we have to figure out are we using 21st century tools to fight this 21st century terrorism. we obviously need to take the fight, we're going to fight terrorists, this is a fact. the question is do we fight them here or over there and i think
7:34 am
over there is the best but we have to be prepared here. administration have been doing some things but they have not been giving american people confidence they're doing everything to keep the american people safe. bill: on the same poll, government's ability to prevent a large terror attack. 56% say they are skeptical. only 43% are confident. when you hear catherine and you watch this hearing where you ask for how many people are here and how did they get here, chairman chaffetz doesn't get an answer, how do you figure out how to make the american people confident when you are getting answers like that? >> you don't. questions from congressman chaffetz are good but it open to the fact that the administration was caught flat-footed. they are aghast what is going on. they are surprised. they have not had a strategy to fight terrorism whether overseas or here. we unilaterally disarmed our ability to find intelligence of
7:35 am
people engaged in this planning. look, we have our friends the kurds in the middle east, by the way, who are muslim, been asking for guns and ammo to fight this cancer around only recently are they starting to get support they need. it's time that the administration wake up. this is the only president i've ever seen give an oval office address and come out worse on other side. he needs to do a redo on that. telling american people he will keep them safe at home and here's how. here is how we will defeat isis and it will be done by the time i'm out of office. bill: you heard in the debate in las vegas. here is where the ohio governor brought this up about giving them frankly the tools they need. his words, watch. >> they need the tools and the tools involve encryption where we can not hear what they're even planning. and when we see red flags, a father, a mother, a neighbor who says we have got a problem here, we have to give law enforcement the ability to listen so they can disrupt these terrorist
7:36 am
attacks before they occur. bill: sir, you hear that right? you heard fbi director james comey this week, he seems to be on the same page. so do you sense that we're turning this around in the direction where we should be headed, yes or no? >> i hope so, yes, i guess yes. i mean you saw in the republican debate most candidates were united behind the fact we have to give law enforcement the tools they need. looking at facebook posts that should have been done years ago when facebook came out. the question there is still hearty debate in the republican party about privacy versus security. it's a good debate to have. we can have both. keeping american people safe is should be number one priority and using terrorism overseas, using amount of force necessary to defeat them, not contain them, should be policy there. when you deal huge blow to jihadist islamic movement makes recruiting into them less attractive. we'll dry up sources of recruitment.
7:37 am
we can unite the world against the cancer including muslim world which is why we have to watch our language. bill: i think that last point is a great one of the adam kinzinger, from capitol hill. >> thank you, bill. martha: intelligence sources now confirming to fox that two top secret emails did pass through:clip's unsecured personal server despite continued denials from the state department. i asked michael flynn about that as former director of the defense intelligence agency. he is an expert in top secret matters. here's the general. >> the word that i use when i talk about this issue is accountability. if she can not be accountable for her actions and you know, defaults to somebody else on her team i find that unbelievable. i mean she must be accountable. i mean she is trying to become the president of the united states. i mean come on. so she has to be accountable. if this is in fact the case, this new revelation of
7:38 am
additional classified information on her personal server, i mean, i'm a guy who had servers at my home and in my possession under the control of the united states government for over a decade in very sensitive jobs that i have had so i know exactly what the requirements are, exactly what the procedures, the rules are. so, i mean, i was able to do that. if this were me, martha, i would be probably locked up right now. martha: this is first time the state department is also on the same page. they have agreed, they're in agreement these go documents, there are a lot of unclassified actually should have been marked top secret and did pass through the server. we'll see what the fbi does. bill: strong comment. good interview. martha: very strong. bill: social justice for christmas. harvard handing out place mats so students will know what to say to their parent about safe space. we'll talk about it. martha: can't make it up, right? plus the praying coach pushing back against the school that suspended him.
7:39 am
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bill: so a high school football coach now filing suit after he was suspended for praying on the field with his players. the coach has given offers to work elsewhere. he says he does not want to leave his school or his team. >> i would really like to work with the school and go back to doing what they're doing. helping these young men become better men. bill: we'll see what comes with the lawsuit. the school put him on paid leave. his annual valuation read, quote, do not rehire, end quote. martha: so harvard university looking to bring social justice reform to your home this holiday season. they're handing out dinner placemats that they say will help students navigate the
7:43 am
difficult conversations they are likely to have with family members when they come home from college during the break. they include a flow charts on everything from islamophobia to quote black murders in the street. for example they will ask a number of questions which we'll show you in just a moment. marjorie clifton, former consultant of president obama's campaign and president clifton consulting. tucker carlson, co-host of fox news weekend and good morning to you. there is placemat. office of diversity says you should take it home. give people some suggestion what is on here. for example, the house master title which is basically, resident dorms have a person who is lead ra at some universities, especially prestigious ivy league universities. that person is called the house master. they're changing name. someone says, why change the name. what does house master have to do with slavery, isn't related at all.
7:44 am
you should say some term of master used for stewardship of some people, is legacy of slave masters and slavery. this is example. you have to look at whole thing to get gist of it. tucker, what do you think? >> it is stupid, frivolous an just another indication that the bubble that is american higher education regarded by the rest of the world as most impressive is about to burst. we spend untold billions in taxpayer money supporting elite universities in this country and we produce morons as result. if you did a poll at normal college, byu, penn state, university of wyoming, there is connection between house master and slavery, there isn't. the truth the people regard as smartest kids in america are just not that impressive. and that's really worrisome. >> the marjorie, here is one other example. if someone asks you when home, why are black students complaining? shouldn't they be happy in college. strange question to begin with.
7:45 am
when i hear students expressing experiences of racism on campus. i don't hear complaining. i hear people up lifting a situation i may not experience because i have privilege of that safe environment think don't have. marjorie, what do you think? >> i first should hand out the adele cd, the "saturday night live" song they did to dispel tension. what we did at thanks giving. >> good idea. >> couple of things, first of all harvard is private university, tucker if you think their philosophies are crazy, don't spend money to go there. >> taxpayers send billions to harvard. >> they support all universities. i would offer that corporations and companies and hirers find those students still extremely valuable. they're paying them well and people are trying to go there. i don't think it is all completely crazy. martha: bothers me, what if your child, you don't agree with the stuff on this placement?
7:46 am
why are they telling kids here is what you should say. that is what i don't understand? what is -- >> we are not inside those universities and culture and questions and temperature of what is happening among students wouldn't be something we know. clearly they're addressing something that is a hot topic at that university. but you know, i would also offer that universities by design, university of texas, as i was undergrad, i would walk through, you would have many issues i didn't agree with and lobbies i didn't agree with putting messages in front of me. they are designed to be a place of thinking and understanding an perspective. martha: some might argue these offices of diversity to need to sort of do something to generate their paycheck and make themselves worthwhile. so this is thing they have generated as they send this home for christmas holiday. i want to get this yale in because a filmmaker went on campus of yale and interviewed people. we call it, sort after man on the street interview.
7:47 am
asked them essentially if they thought it would be good idea to banish the first amendment. here is what some of them said. >> we're calling for petition to repeal the first amendment. just get rid of it. blow it up, get rid of it. >> i think this is fantastic. i agree. >> thank you. >> excellent. love it. >> thank you. martha: excellent, love it. fan fantastic idea. tucker, what do you think? >> the irony the first amendment protects the right to do what they were doing, freedom of petition but this really is the line. i agree with marjorie i like diversity of views. i'm happy to debate almost anything. what they're saying debate should be outlawed. you don't have a right to express views i disagree with. that is not progressive. it is fascist and decadent and crazy. it is authoritarian. they're trying to shut down the conversation before it starts. this is not confined to yale. this is impulse on the left. surveys, recent surveys have shown massive numbers of liberals don't believe in right of people to express views they disagree with, so-called hate speech. this is an attack on america itself.
7:48 am
we can debate rest of this stuff whether house master is racist, when you attack first amendment you're attacking only thing we need to protect at all costs in america is freedom of expression. martha: we have to leave it there. marjorie, tucker, something to think about as we head home for the holidays soon. bill: merry christmas on that. jenna lee coming up next in "happening now." good day to you. >> hi, there,. bill. we're in new environment. we really on road to recovery? what does it mean for your wallet? we have answers for you today. bill o'reilly says donald trump is too thin-skinned. what did trump say? is the media truly obsessed with mr. trump? marco rubio rising in the polls and emerging as one of the top candidates. he is our guest next hour. bill: good to see you, jenna. helping our nation's wounded warriors. this sergeant's family can stay together after a long road to recovery because of the group you're about to meet. that's next. for years to come.
7:49 am
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bill: to a charity that supports our nation's injured heroes like sergeant robert hoenstine. he was called to serve in afghanistan. in july of 2014 he suffered major internal and external injuries. today sergeant hoenstine is undergoing extensive treatment in maryland. luke's wings helps families stick together, providing central transportation of relatives of wounded warriors like the sergeant would otherwise be too costly. fletcher gill is the chairman of the board and ceo and cofounder of luke's wings. the sergeant is with us as well. served in operation enduring freedom. gentlemen, good day to you. >> good morning. bill: merry christmas to you. mr. gill, why do we need this? what does it do? >> sure.
7:53 am
the government provides three airplane tickets when a service member is oned. so the service member wakes up at walter reed or in other recovery hospital and has three people with him. two will go home and third will stay. when the third goes home, the government coverage ends. and so what luke's wings does, is number one, we reach out to the family, we make sure the entire family is there when the wounded warrior wakes up. we also set up rotation plans to make sure for the long and difficult recovery process the wounded warrior has all the family there that they need and that the mom gets to go home, the wife gets to go home, check the mail, sleep in their own bed and also come back again. for some of our wounded warriors, we have provided 30 or 40 airplane tickets over last three or four years. bill: wow. sergeant, what has it done for you? what does it mean for your family? >> it means so much to my family
7:54 am
because otherwise i wouldn't be able to travel back and forth home freely. it is very costly venture for me to fly back and forth from home. and, to see my wife and my children. and, luke's innings -- wings definitely helped me along the way to provide me with free flights to see my family because they're unable to come to walter reed. bill: i wonder what your recovery would be like without it? >> difficult. very much is difficult. especially when, you know, life occurs and my family is unable to travel because of school and because of work and because of pets and luke's wings provided me the opportunity to go home, visit with my family, be a part of my family and then come back here to the d.c. area and finish my treatments. bill: yeah, i bet. mr. gill, what kind of reaction do you get from this? we cover a lost stories about
7:55 am
our wounded warriors getting help but this is unique because we have your own niche. how do people respond? >> people i think love it. we flew a wounded warrior home from fort carson, colorado, once because his father was on his deathbed. his father found out his son was coming and held on. that wounded warrior got to the hospital in boston, massachusetts, had three hours with his father. he was there when his father passed away. when we tell people stories like that, we do things like that every day. we're booking two or three family flights every day, sunday through monday. right now busy season because of christmas. when we tell people stories like that, it is a no-brainer. you're keeping families together. keeping wounded warriors together. you keep people together who have high-risk of divorce rates and suicide rates, those kinds of things. people infirmed in a hospital keeping them together with their
7:56 am
family. it's a tough time to be in a hospital room by yourself for three years. bill: you make excellent points. how can people help? >> well, our website, www.luke' you can go to the website, make christmas donation. get wounded warriors home for holidays. folks that donate $50 or more get a wonderful christmas ornament. they will find more information on website. people fly a wounded warrior home, fly a wounded warior home, they will get a gift card. it is christmass card. give it as a christmas gift to a loved one. it explains in lieu of a gift they flew a wounded warrior home. bill: love the story. thank you for your time. fletcher gill. chairman of the board. thank you, gentlemen. >> yes, sir. merry christmas. martha: good having them here. race for the white house is tightening on the republican side. two freshmen senators facing
7:57 am
off. larry sabato is next. ize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want,
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martha: christmas music. matt plays it for me every year. amy man. i love it it. bill: that is sixth avenue. it is cool this time of the year. martha: have a great day, everybody. see you tomorrow. jenna: less than two months before the first votes are casted in iowa. i am jenna lee. jon: and i am jon scott. three of the top contenders appearing in iowa and nevada and we will speak to one of them. ted cruz is shown to be leading in iowa and donald trump is still dominating the republican


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